1. What is TravelPulse ?

TravelPulse is a smart Telematics device for smart vehicle owners. Specially designed for Indian conditions, TravelPulse is your vehicle's virtual bodyguard when it comes to securing your vehicle, and the people in it. It helps you locate your vehicle when stolen, geo-fences it to avoid towing surprises, instantly alerts you when it crosses your pre-set speed limit, gives you real-time physical location on a map, and much more.

2.What are the benefits of TravelPulse for Driver-driven vehicles?

TravelPulse has many benefits for Driver-driven Vehicles. Please click here to read all the benefits.

3.How does TravelPulse tracking work?

TravelPulse uses advanced GPS technology which helps you accurately track your vehicle in real-time, anytime, anywhere. Our robust reporting system and intuitive dashboard not only displays the exact location of your vehicle on Maps, but also displays your vehicle number, the direction in which your vehicle is travelling, the real-time speed of your vehicle, Engine On/Off, AC On/Off, Idling etc. Everything you need to know about your vehicle is available at the click of a button on our mobile or web app

4.How accurate is TravelPulse's tracking?

TravelPulse's tracking system is very precise. It continuously evaluates the motion of your vehicle and depending on its speed, distance and direction; it sends the data to our servers at interval of 10 seconds. As a result, the tracks projected on Map in TravelPulse mobile application are very precise.

5.What is Virtual Boundary?

Virtual Boundary (Geo-fencing) is a highly advanced technology which lets you draw an imaginary boundary around your vehicle on a map in the TravelPulse Application. Our smart alert system immediately sends you notifications the moment your vehicle moves out of your pre-drawn boundary. E.g. If your driver takes out your vehicle from your pre-defined parking area, TravelPulse will instantly send you an alert.

6.What is Replay Report?

Replay Report displays where your vehicle travelled during a particular time period. E.g. If you want to know which all places your vehicle traveled, Replay Report will show you the exact locations of the vehicle traveled. (Refer Silver/Gold package )

7.What different kind of Alerts, Alarms & Reports are provided?

TravelPulse's robust reporting system provides you customizable reports to receive alerts for Engine ON/OFF, AC ON/OFF, Geo-fencing deviations, Daily Travelled Report, etc., alongwith Alarms for Ac Idling, Towing, Dangerous Speed and Parking. (Refer Silver/Gold Package)

8.What is Ignition /AC - ON/OFF Alert/Alarm?

When your car's engine is on and it is not in movement, TravelPulse system gives you first alert after 10 minutes followed by another reminder after next 10 minutes. Also in an instance when your car's AC is on & it is not in movement, TravelPulse system gives you first alert after 10 minutes followed by another reminder alarm after next 10 minutes

9.Does TravelPulse device support tamper alert?


10.What is Remote Immobilization?

Just login to the TravelPulse Mobile App, check the exact location of your vehicle and remotely immobilize your vehicle and lock the engine using self-lock for immediate action (once the vehicle speed is under 20km/ph) or contact us @ our call centre (022) 4293 1002 (from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM).

11.What is the arrangement if vehicle gets stolen?

Just login to the TravelPulse Mobile App, check the exact location of your vehicle and remotely immobilize your vehicle using self-engine lock for immediately action (once the vehicle speed is under 20km/ph) or contact us @ our call centre (022) 4293 1002 (from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM).

12.How can TravelPulse help when the car gets Towed?

TravelPulse provides Towing Alarm/Alert whenever it gets towed by Traffic police so that you can stop the vehicle from being towed. Also get your car's real-time location in case you are too late to stop the car.

13.How can TravelPulse help to reduce vehicle's maintenance cost?

TravelPulse provides different kinds of reports like Vehicle Travel Performance/score report, Online Driving Status report etc. Due to to reduction in idling, the performance of AC compressor gets improved. Improved driving behaviour; lowers wear & tear expenses.

14.How can TravelPulse help to reduce vehicle's Running costs?

TravelPulse can help you to reduce running costs by giving you detailed reports about critical factors like over speeding, idling time etc. which consume maximum fuel.
E.g. Average Fuel Saved/day: 2 litres (Due To: Excess Idling, Extra Run, Wrong Routes, etc.)

Vehicle Driven/month : 22 days

Total Fuel saved/month : 2*22=44 litres

Savings/month : 44*78 = Rs. 3432/-

Savings/year: 3432*12 = Rs. 41184/-

15.Can vehicle location be shared with family members 24*7?


16.Can the real-time speed and location be seen of the vehicle?

Yes. Just login to the TravelPulse Mobile or Web App and you can see it.

17.What are the buying options for TravelPulse device?

You Can buy TravelPulse device through our website(www.travelpulse.net.in) or contact us @ (022)4293 1002 (from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM) for quick demo.

18.What are Monthly Relationship Charges (MRC)?

MRC is the value customer pays towards TravelPulse's incredible support and service. These Monthly relationship charges (MRC) cover: Subscription Charges, Warranty Charges, SIM Charges, Map Charges, SMS Charges, Application Charges, Data storage, Hosting, Service & Call Centre Support, Operations and Maintenance of Device etc.

19.Can TravelPulse be used in fleet (HCV/LCV/Taxies etc.)

Yes. There is a separate module available for meeting specific requirements of fleet operators.

20.In which cities TravelPulse is currently available?

TravelPulse is currently available in Mumbai (MMR), Pune, Nagpur, Amravati, Aurangabad, Nashik, Delhi (Including Gurugram & Noida), Bengaluru & Hyderabad. (Refer Silver/Gold package )

21.What is the guarantee of the TravelPulse device?

TravelPulse comes with 3 years replacement warranty. In the rare case, where your TravelPulse device stops working/malfunctions, just call our Call Support Centre and we will get it replaced.

22.What is the procedure if mobile phone with registered number gets lost?

Simply call our Call Support Centre, verify your credentials and register an alternate mobile number.

23.Will installation of TravelPulse attracts any discount on vehicle insurance?

Yes. Based on driving behaviour parameters like overspeeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, KM travelled, few insurance companies are planning to offer discounts of upto 30% at the time of renewal.

1.Can TravelPulse be installed in all vehicles?

Yes. TravelPulse can be installed in all vehicles upto 10 years old except high end vehicles viz. Mercedes, Audi, BMW etc.

2.In how many days device will get delivered?

Once the order is booked, our team will contact you within 72 working hours for delivery, demo and Installation.

3.Who will install TravelPulse device in the vehicle? What are the installation charges?

TravelPulse's authorized service engineer will do the installation. We provide free Installation at Customer's door step.

4.Does installation of TravelPulse device voids the vehicle's warranty?

No. TravelPulse Installation does not involve any kind of wire cutting during installation, thus your vehicle's warranty is intact.

5.Any Specific place to install this in a vehicle? Is it visible?

There are 2-3 specific places where TravelPulse gets installed. But it is not visible to anyone.

1.How notifications are received?

  1. log in TravelPulse App.
  2. Set required Notification preferences for vehicle for which you want to receive notifications.
  3. Do required Phone settings with the help of our guide provided in TravelPulse app.
Please follow FAQ section from Mobile App for any further Notification related questions.
Note: Strong Network is required to avail best of our services.
Also Notifications will not support below mentioned device versions:

Oppo Device - ColorOS 5.0, ColorOS 3.2, ColorOS 3.1, ColorOS 3.0, ColorOS 2.1, ColorOS 1.0
Vivo Device - FuntouchOS 4, FuntouchOS 3, FuntouchOS 2, FuntouchOS 1

2.How can vehicle be tracked if it is out of network coverage area?

TravelPulse devices store data packets on the device itself. These packets are instantly sent to our servers the moment your vehicle comes in a network coverage area. Your vehicle is constantly connected with our system and there is no chance of data loss even when your vehicle is out of a network coverage area.

3.Why Vehicle is not in network?

There may be No-Network at specific location Or may be not be getting GSM/GPRS network Or may be not getting GPS signal where vehicle is parked, e.g. underground/basement packing lot.
Further,if device is not connected (tampered) then vehicle will show as No-network.

4.Which phones are supported by TravelPulse?

TravelPulse works on iOS and Android Devices. This app can be easily installed in any smart phone that has GPS (whether Android or iOS).
It is available at both App Store as well as Google Play Store.

5.Is this device harmful for the vehicle/battery or will it create any problem in vehicle's warranty?

No, this device is not harmful for your vehicle/battery and also does not conflict with vehicle's warranty. The installation wiring is done coupler-to-coupler thus needs no wire cuts. On the other hand it provides extra safety and security to your vehicle.

6.Facing issues while login? Or TravelPulse App getting crashed when opened?

Uninstall app and install latest version of TravelPulse and login.

7.Why Real-time-tracking not getting updated?

Your Phone internet speed is too slow or phone is in No-Network area, Please check.

1.What payment methods are available at TravelPulse Online purchase?

We accept a variety of payment methods including Internet banking, credit/debit cards and UPI through www.travelpulse.net.in.

2.What if the payment gets failed?

Please contact our Call Support (022) 4293 1002 (From 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM).

3.Will refund get credited if order cancelled?

No. Once the payment done, cancellation is not allowed.