Cost Savings

Suspecting that your Driver sleeps with your Car's AC ON in your absence?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse instantly alerts you whenever your Vehicle's AC is switched ON or OFF. Further, TravelPulse sends you alerts if your Vehicle's AC stays ON for more than 10 mins without your Vehicle being in movement. It sends another alert and a talking alarm after 20 mins of continuous idling.

Suspecting that your Driver keeps your Vehicle's Engine Idling to keep his Mobile Phone charged or to listen music?
On an average, more than 2 litres fuel is consumed for every 1 hour of Engine Idling. Ab no tension. TravelPulse instantly alerts you when your Vehicle is Idling for more than 10 mins and reminds you again after another 10 mins so you save money on Fuel Costs.

Rash driving significantly increases the Vehicle's Maintenance Costs as it leads to faster wear & tear of the Engine, Tyres and other components.
By providing inputs about critical factors like over-speeding, Dangerous speeding (>90kmph), harsh braking, rash acceleration in the form of alerts/alarms and Vehicle Travel Performance (VTP) report through our Application, TravelPulse will help in improving your driving behaviour and in turn reduction in maintenance cost significantly.

Based on driving behaviour parameters like overspeeding, dangerous speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, KM travelled in day/night etc. through Vehicle Travel Performance Report and driving score, few insurance companies are planning to offer discounts of upto 30% at the time of renewal.

With the help of TravelPulse you can have significant reduction in your Insurance premium under Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Covers. IRDAI under its draft dated 25/11/2019 has recommended a new cover to include "Pay as you Drive" and "Pay how you Drive". Many insurance companies are planning to offer the same.