AIS 140 regulation compliant devices

What is AIS 140 standard?

AIS 140 is by far the most important and significant development regarding passenger Safety and Security. AIS 140 (Automotive Industry Standard no.140) is a set of standard/requirements mandated by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India under Nirbhaya Framework, with the intention of making road transport more safe & secure.

AIS 140 regulation compliant devices must include location tracking feature and emergency/panic button feature. Under AIS 140, standard all public transport vehicles registered on or after 1st January 2019 need to be fitted in with AIS 140 complaint devices. The transport authorities have been asked to keep an eye over the vehicles (which need to follow these guideline) to ensure that these abide by the standard rules.

Who would be benefited by following AIS 140 guidelines?

1) Buses including Public/Private school buses, corporate buses etc.
2) Car rental businesses, Taxi Fleet owners, corporate fleets or Taxi hailing service providers etc.
3) Tours and Travel Businesses

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