For Fleet

Group the vehicles as per the business need (location, vehicle type, client wise etc.) and easily track all of them in real-time across single window on the same screen.

Easily schedule customized trips for vehicles and gets and gets to know when they start and end their scheduled Trip. Helpful in ensuring driving discipline.

Set Geo-Fencing for all vehicles at the same time and get instantly alerted when they Enter and Exit the identified travel areas. Very useful in long trips.

Exactly know how many times at which location vehicle stopped for more than 15 minutes.

Get detailed Journey reports like day-wise distance travelled, journey time, route taken etc. for all the vehicles. Useful to avoid conflicts with clients.

Exactly know which places vehicle travelled for any given date and time for a duration of upto 24 hrs for past 3 months.

Get an instant alert when the vehicle crosses pre-set speed limit and when it experiences incidents of rash driving like sudden Acceleration or Harsh braking. Helpful for improving driving behavior and reducing vehicle’s maintenance cost.

Get an instant alert when Vehicle’s AC/Engine is Idling for 10 minutes and get another reminder alert after 20minutes of continuous engine Idling and alarm after 20 minutes of continuous AC idling. Reduces running cost.

In case of vehicle theft, get the Vehicle stopped mid-way by simply using self engine lock feature through TravelPulse app or calling our Call Centre.