Geo-fencing & Tracking

Worried that you are unable to contact your family who is travelling out of town in your Vehicle?
Ab no tension. Set boundaries for the vehicle and get instant alerts when it enters or exits the defined boundary.

  1. Manual Geo-Fencing: Draw manual boundaries for multiple locations.
  2. Single Touch Geo-Fencing: Create geo-fence just by touching vehicle’s location on screen.
  3. Auto Geo-Fencing: A virtual boundary is automatically created around the vehicle after 10 minutes of vehicle’s ignition is OFF.

Tensed that your teenage children are using your Vehicle to attend a late-night party at a friend's house and you are concerned because they haven't called you after reaching their friend's house?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse's Real-time Tracking feature, lets you exactly know what time your kids reached and left their destination.

Suspecting that your Driver uses your Vehicle for his personal use after dropping off your children to school?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse lets you track your Vehicle's exact location and route upto 24 hours for past 3 months.

Get exact route direction from your current location to reach your vehicle.