Safety & Security

Panicked to notice your Vehicle missing and could not spot the marks nearby? Suspecting that your Car was stolen?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse has two unique features to prevent the theft of your vehicle:

  1. Prevent Theft by using Parking Mode: "Parking mode" prevents the vehicle from getting stolen. Once the vehicle is set in parking mode, customer will receive an Alarm on Mobile when vehicle ignition is switched on. Very useful while going to sleep or leaving the vehicle parked, unattended. This is in addition to alert feature.
  2. Remote Immobilization of Vehicle in case of theft: In the unfortunate situation when your car is stolen, all you have to do is, login to TravelPulse Mobile App to know the exact location of your Vehicle and using self Engine Lock feature, immobilise the vehicle (when the Car's speed comes to 20 km/hr). If you are unable to lock the vehicle, you can call our Call centre and we will remotely switch off and lock your Vehicle's Engine so the Vehicle cannot be moved any further. (Note: this feature is only applicable for Key start vehicles)

Shocked to see your Car missing? Noticed the towing marks but not sure which Police Chowkie your Car was towed to?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse's 'Towing Alert/Alarm' feature instantly alerts you when your Vehicle is being towed so you can immediately rush and stop it from being towed. In the event you are too late to stop the towing, you can track your Vehicle's real-time location on TravelPulse application and see the direction in which it is travelling so you exactly know where your Vehicle has been taken.


Not sure how safe your children drive your Car in your absence?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse has developed various Alerts/Alarm to report various rash driving features like:

  1. Over-speeding: Set a speed limit for the vehicle and get instantly alerted when it crosses its pre-set speed limit.
  2. Harsh Braking: Get an instant alert when vehicle experiences instances of Harsh Braking.
  3. Harsh Acceleration: In case of Rash acceleration of the vehicle, one will get an instant alert.
  4. Dangerous Speed Alarm/Alert: Get Dangerous Speed Alarm/Alert on Mobile, when your Car crosses speed limit of 90kmph.

TravelPulse provides Vehicle Travel Performance report (VTP) and Score report including details about critical factors like KM travelled during day/night, maximum speed, over-speeding, dangerous speeding (90kmph), harsh braking, rash acceleration, AC/engine idling etc. fortnightly. Based on this, it provides the driving score for the fortnight with an objective to improve the driving behaviour.
Also brief VTP report available in TravelPulse Application.