Driving Behaviour

What is Driving Behaviour?

Driving behaviour is a set of actions performed by the driver or the individual who is driving the vehicle ensuring traffic guidelines and safety of the people in the vehicle.

Benefits of Efficient driving behaviour

Why good Driving Behaviour is important?

About 90% of road accidents happen because of the unsafe and bad driving habits of people.Accidents are avoidable, all it takes is to be aware of your driving pattern.

These days people prefer to have their own vehicle as an effect of upgraded standard of living. Therefore, inculcating safe driving habits is necessary as it is required for each and every person driving to comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by the Traffic’s department. This would make the driving experience more pleasurable and safer.

TravelPulse collects and provides you with the insights into how the driver drives the car on day to day basis considering key factors of driving behaviour which enables businesses to identify aggressive and unsafe driving patterns of their vehicle users. In turn businesses will be able to improve the driving behaviour.

TravelPulse is offering following features to improve Driving Behaviour:

  1. Online Vehicle Driving Status

    TravelPulse enables you to monitor the performance of vehicle users easily anywhere on your mobile with its “Vehicle Status Summary Report”.
    For an instance; when you have hired a new driver and want to notice his driving pattern for the safety of family and your car, then TravelPulse will enable you to do the same by regularly examining the Vehicle Status Summary Report; this report provide sonline viewing of distance covered, maximum speed achieved, vehicle status, instances of rash driving like rash acceleration, harsh braking, dangerous speed (>90km/h) and AC idling for the day. This crucial data allows you to analyse driving behaviour of vehicle along with location details & duration. After analysing the driving pattern of the driver, you can control his bad driving habits which will ensure safety of thedriver as well as your family members.

  2. Vehicle Travel Performance and Score Report

    TravelPulse provides Vehicle Travel Performance report (VTP) including details about critical factors like KM travelled during day/night, maximum speed achieved, instances of device tampering, rash driving, AC/Engine idling etc. fortnightly. By analysing this driving performance report, the scores are calculated and grades are assigned accordingly.
    These reports will help in improving your driving pattern as well as will help in reducing your cost on vehicle insurance as based on these improved driving behaviour patterns, few insurance companies are planning to offer discounts of up to 30%, at the time of renewal.
    For an instance; when you are gifting a car to your child you are always worried about how he is driving the car, as these young teenagers often drive rashly just to impress their acquaintances without letting their parents know the reality and without knowing the bad consequences of the same. With the help of TravelPulse you can monitor how your children are driving the car and will help in controlling and improving them.

  3. Trip Management

    Fleet operators have often experienced that they do not have full control on their fleet and drivers on the road, as an effect driver takes undue advantage of this situation.The fleet operators make policies to manage the fleet operations efficiently but it is very difficult to keep an observation on all drivers for each and every trip assigned at a time.
    For an instance; If you are an established logistics service provider and planning to expand business in new city with new team, then monitoring your drivers to maintain your existing goodwill and serve your clients with best service is a task to manage. TravelPulse makes an easy access to monitor each trip with its “Trip management” feature from anywhere.
    In this feature of “Trip Scheduling”,trips can be assigned to particular vehicle with defined routes and estimated time to complete the trip. An operator will timely receive various alerts for its pre-defined trips along with other driving behaviour alerts. This management will result in increasing efficiency and productivity in the whole fleet operation.

  4. Rash driving alarm and alerts

    TravelPulse provides alarm and alerts for over-speeding, harsh braking, rash acceleration and dangerous speeding (>90kmph) which alerts you whenever your car experiences these instances and helps to improve the driving behaviour and will reduce car maintenance and servicing cost.

  5. Reduction in overall cost

    TravelPulse helps you to improve the driving behaviour of car user which lead to lower the wear and tear cost of your car and in turn will also reduce cost of servicing. Also TravelPulse lets you to monitor idling time which consumes maximum fuel, hence with the help of various alarms and alerts regarding idling that ensures control on repetitive idling of car.