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  • AIS 140 compliant devices

TravelPulse - a smart Telematics device for smart vehicle owners

Your Vehicle's Virtual Bodyguard when it comes to the Safety of your Vehicle, Security of the people in it, and increasing Savings on Fuel & Maintenance Costs.

Unique Features

Anti-theft Mechanism

- Prevention of theft using Parking Mode Alarm/Alert
- Remote Immobilization in case of Theft (Self/TravelPulse)

Towing Alarm/Alert

Get Towing Alarm/Alert when your vehicle is being towed by Traffic police.

Very useful for driver driven cars
(10 + 10 Alarm/Alert System)

Get an alert when your vehicle's Engine/AC is ON & vehicle is not in movement for 10 mins. Also get another alert after 20 mins of continuous engine idling and alarm for 20 mins of continuous AC idling .

Driving behaviour Alarm/Alerts

Get alarm/alert, for dangerous speed(>90kmph), harsh braking, rash acceleration etc.

Online Vehicle Driving Status Report

Get online details of distance covered, maximum speed achieved along with instances of idling.

Auto Geo fencing and Single Touch geo fencing

1) When your vehicle is parked for more than 10 mins it will automatically create a geo-fence and you will get an alert when it will exit that Auto geo-fence.
2) Create a geo-fence through single touch & get an alert when your vehicle exits that single touch geo-fence.

Vehicle Travel Performance/Score Report

Fortnight reports for analyzing driving behavior & travelling pattern with driving score.

Renewal Premium Discount

Up to 30% discount on renewal premium based on driving behaviour pattern/score.

For 10 years old cars

Usable upto 10 years old cars almost of all makes (excluding high end vehicles)

Free Installation at your Doorstep

Free Installation at the place of your choice

3 Year Device Warranty

Get 3 years device replacement warranty

IP65 rated device

IP65 rated waterproof, heatproof, dustproof & thunderproof device

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager concept for key/corporate clients

Unmatchable after sales support

Call centre/On site support

Special modules for Fleet operators.

Separate module for Fleet with special features.

A complete Telematics Solution

Offers complete Safety, Security and Cost Saving to your vehicle.

How TravelPulse Telematics System works?

TravelPulse explainer video