Our Plans

Feature List   Silver    Gold
Remote Immobilization in case of Theft (Self)   Yes  
Remote Immobilization in case of Theft through TravelPulse   Yes  
Real-Time Tracking (RTT)   Yes  
Vehicle Movement Replay   Past- 1month   Past- 3months
Find Vehicle's location Direction in RTT   Yes  
All Summary Reports ( incl. Vehicle status current & past reports)   Yes   Yes
Virtual Boundry (Geo-fencing)   Yes   Yes
Auto Geo-fencing   Yes   Yes
Trip Management(In case of Fleet)   Yes   Yes
Fitted In 10 Years old Cars   Yes   Yes
Installation at door step   Yes   Yes
Warranty   3 years   3 years
Share my Location   Yes   Yes
IP65 Rated Fully Waterproof Device   Yes   Yes
In built battery with 8 hours Battery Backup   Yes   Yes
Single login - Multiple Vehicles   No   Yes
Multiple User - login   Yes (upto 2)   Yes (upto 10)
Sub-user - customized access as per hierarchy/Limited Access (In case of Fleet)   No   Yes
Vehicle Grouping as per Business Needs   No   Yes
Prevention of Theft - Parking Mode Alarm   No  
Dangerous Speed (>90 km) Alarm   No  
Towing Alarm    
AC idle 10+10 Alarm    
Value Added Services        
Renewal Premium Discount   Yes   Yes
Online Vehicle Driving Status   Yes   Yes
Anywhere, Anytime Access (On Android, iOS, Laptop/Desktop)   Yes   Yes
Dedicated Relationship Manager (corporate clients only)   No   Yes
Vehicle Travel Performance Report (fortnightly)   No  
Past- 3months
Find Nearby Places   Yes   Yes
Upload Important Vehicle Documents   Yes   Yes
Call Centre Support   Yes   Yes
Parked Out Alert (in case of Theft)   No   Yes
Ignition On/Off Alert   Yes   Yes
Towing Alert   Yes   Yes
Dangerous Speed Alert   Yes   Yes
AC On/Off Alert   Yes   Yes
AC Idle 10+10 Alert   Yes   Yes
Geofence Entry & Exit Alert   Yes   Yes
Auto Geofence Exit Alert   Yes   Yes
Device Tamper Alert   Yes   Yes
Harsh Acceleration Alert   Yes   Yes
Harsh Braking Alert   Yes   Yes
Overspeeding Alert   Yes   Yes
Vehicle Idle 10+10 Alert   Yes   Yes
Emergency On Alert (If Panic button installed on additional cost)   No   Yes